Natural Nutritional Supplements for Urologic Health

Nutritional Supplements

We are pleased to offer natural vitamin supplementation for urologic health. Through a partnership with Theralogix Nutritional Science, we stock samples of supplements for bladder health, urinary tract infections, kidney stones, prostate health, and more. All supplements are backed by the latest nutritional science, and independent certified, unlike most supplements sold at health food stores. Products may be ordered online using the links below, or ask your doctor for more information, free samples and an ordering card at the time of your visit.

When ordering, use Dr. Bargnesi's provider code 41920 to receive a discount.

Bladder Health

TheraCran One

A standardized, high-potency cranberry supplement formulated to promote normal urinary tract health. Contains a whole cranberry extract from cranberry juice, skins, flesh, and seeds, which provides a balanced spectrum of proanthocyanidins (PACs) and other active cranberry phytochemicals that work together for urinary tract health
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Bladder 2.2

A unique multivitamin and mineral supplement specifically formulated to support a healthy bladder lining. The formulation of Bladder 2.2 expands on the research conducted by Dr. Donald Lamm and colleagues, published in the Journal of Urology. In this clinical trial, men and women on BCG therapy also took either a low-dose multivitamin supplement plus high doses of vitamins A, B6, C, E, and zinc, or a low-dose multivitamin only. After being followed for an average of four years, the individuals taking the higher-dose nutrient combination had healthier bladder linings than those taking the low-dose multivitamin.
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Kidney Health

TheraLith XR

Extended-release magnesium, potassium citrate, and vitamin B6 supplement formulated to support and maintain normal urine chemistry.
A clinical trial at Stony Brook University Medical School demonstrated that regular use of TheraLith XR resulted in:
- 29% reduction in urinary oxalate levels and a 27% reduction in calcium oxalate saturation.
- Increase in both urinary magnesium and citrate levels by approximately 48%.
- In a group of individuals with low baseline levels of magnesium and citrate, increases of over 300% were seen after taking TheraLith XR for 2 months.
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Prostate Health

Prostate SR

The only independently certified saw palmetto extract and phytosterol blend (beta-sitosterol), designed to promote normal urinary tract function in men.
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Prostate 2.4

A multi-component nutritional supplement designed to support and maintain a healthy prostate.
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Prostate PQ

The only independently certified quercetin and pollen extract supplement, designed to support prostate health and normal urinary tract function in men.
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A soy isoflavone supplement that contains Novasoy®, a whole soybean extract.
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Bone Health


A bone health supplement doctor-recommended for: Men undergoing Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT); Individuals who will benefit from calcium citrate and higher doses of vitamin D3
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